4 International Packing Tips from a Top-Rated International Mover

Posted on: February 5, 2020 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage February 5, 2020

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You’ve just been hired for an exciting job overseas but you’re not entirely sure how to plan for such a complex move. As thrilled as you are, you’re now starting to feel a bit overwhelmed – and that’s perfectly normal! Luckily, as a top-rated international mover, our team at Advantage Moving and Storage has some come up with 4 invaluable packing tips to simplify your upcoming overseas relocation.

1. Start by getting your documents in order

The very first thing you should focus on is getting your personal and legal documents in order. For instance, your passport needs to be up-to-date, or you’ll certainly have a hard time getting into the country you’re transferring to. Start this process as soon as possible since acquiring a new passport can take as long as 6 months, depending on your residency status. Work permits and visas are other important legal documents you need to look into if you’re planning on relocating to another country.

2. Purge your closets and downsize

As an international mover, our crew oversees countless overseas transfers. And if there’s one thing that you can do to speed up and simplify your move, it’s cleaning out and organizing all of your belongings. Ideally, your goal shouldn’t be to just pack up everything you own and ship it to your new home – that would likely cost you a substantial amount of money. Therefore, consider purging your belongings to get rid of what you don’t absolutely need, in order to downsize. Whatever you don’t need to keep can always be sold or donated to a local charity.

3. Find out if you need adapters

Don’t assume that everything you own, that needs to be plugged in, like electronics and appliances, will work perfectly fine in your new home. Instead, find out if you will need adaptors for the voltage outlets there. If you do, then this may play a role in whether you keep some of the devices you have or purchase new ones that are compatible in your next place of residence.

4. Get professional help

There’s nothing simple about moving overseas. But when you enlist the services of a professional international mover, you’re assured a seamless, stress-free transfer. An experienced international mover can also provide you with a comprehensive package that takes care of every single detail of your relocation, from start to finish.

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