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Packing and Moving in Algonquin, Chicago, IL., and Surrounding Areas - Advantage Moving and Storage

As the leading movers in Chicago, we give you the option of packing your belongings yourself or employing us to manage some or all the packing. While packing and moving can be time-consuming and distressing, our expert movers move quickly and efficiently with the proper equipment and supplies to complete the job flawlessly.

If you are packing yourself…

If you are packing your own belongings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to see if we can provide the necessary packing materials. We can also offer guidance on effectively loading boxes and managing antiques, irreplaceable relics, and distinctive items with unusual shapes, such as lampshades. We are pleased to offer recommendations and guidance.

If you are using our movers and packers…

You may be thinking about letting Advantage Moving & Storage pack everything for you. Great! We are experienced movers who are eager to help you save time. To ensure that everything is promptly and easily accessible in your new home, we will pack and label each box with care and a focus on organization. Even the most impractical items, which would be difficult for you to pack on your own, can be packed and safeguarded using our materials. Most customers who hire us to pack their entire home are pleased with the time they save. In addition, if we pack your items, they are fully insured against damage. It is worth the money when you can minimize stress and use your spare time for other important things!

Packing and moving your nicer hanging clothes and coats?

Why not ask the top-rated movers in Chicago to help you store your closet’s clothing and jackets? Advantage Moving & Storage will remove your hanging garments from your closets, place them in hanging wardrobe crates, and re-hang them at your new residence in the same pristine condition.

How about fragile items?

You may prefer to load most of your possessions yourself, but you’d like us to pack the most valuable, sentimental, or delicate items. Your most valuable possessions should be insured for the duration of the trip. This option works too!

Packing Services in Algonquin, IL

Contact Advantage Moving and Storage to learn more about our full or partial-service packing and moving services or if you need to consult with one of our experts.