Advice for Commercial Moving on Short Notice: Tips from a Commercial Moving Company

Posted on: January 16, 2020 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage January 16, 2020

Our Commercial Moving Company Offers Short Notice Moving Advice

There are a lot of reasons why one may have to move their business on short notice, and all of them can be frustrating. Whether the higher-ups have closed your office, or you have to move to a new space due to structural or safety issues, moving your business on short notice is a whole other kind of beast. That’s why commercial moving companies like Advantage are here to give some tips on how to manage a last-minute commercial move.

Find a reliable moving company

It may be a bit tricky to do on such short notice, but the first thing you should do is try to find a reputable commercial moving company. These companies have years of experience moving offices and can help you plan out every step of the move and actually move everything. Reliable movers are professionals at quick moves and they can help you fit the move into your tight schedule.


As soon as you get the order to move you need to draft up an organizing plan. Split your employees into teams and have them each handle a part of organizing. For example, one team can handle disassembling furniture while another team can gather all sensitive business documents or computer equipment. The trick is to distribute the workload amongst your team so the work gets done quicker.

Talk to your employees

Anytime you are moving an entire office, it’s a good idea to talk to your employees about the situation. If you can muster the time, try to sit down with your employees one-on-one and ask them about the move or any worries or ideas they may have. Your employees will appreciate that their voices are being heard and it’s likely they may catch something you have missed.

Most important of all, don’t panic. You can get it done as long as you are diligent and plan correctly. If you are looking for commercial moving companies, consider giving Advantage Moving & Storage a call at 847-584-3908