Apartment Move Out Checklist: Tips From Top Movers and Storage Companies

Posted on: December 6, 2019 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage December 6, 2019

Professional movers and storage companies like Advantage offer apartment move out tips that will help you get your full deposit back

It’s move out day! You’ve paid the first month of rent on your new place, have the utilities set up, and the movers are on their way to move your things. One of the trickier aspects of moving is making sure you get your full security deposit back from your old place. A dirty apartment, broken fixtures, and other issues can be taken out of your security deposit. Here is an apartment check-out list from movers and storage companies like Advantage Moving and Storage that will help you get your security deposit back.

Clean Everything

The first thing to do is give your old place a thorough cleaning. We don’t just mean cleaning the floors and taking out the trash, we mean cleaning everything. You should clean the floors, baseboards, walls, stovetop, oven, walls, carpets, windows, etc. If every surface is sparkling clean, then you are much less likely to be charged for cleaning fees. If you have the time, movers and storage companies like Advantage recommend hiring a professional cleaning service to get the job done.

Make Sure You Have Your Move-In Checklist

Most of the time when you move into an apartment, you fill out a move-in checklist where you make note of any pre-existing issues or damages. The purpose of the checklist is to let the landlord you are not responsible for these issues so you don’t get charged for them down the road. That is why it’s important to hold onto this list throughout your lease, so you can prove certain issues were already there.

Make Small Repairs

You should also go around your apartment and make as many small repairs as you can. Things like scratched walls, scuffed baseboards, and damaged window blinds can be taken out of your deposit. Small scratches can usually be buffed out with a fine brush and dents in drywall can be filled with easy to find items at your local hardware store.

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