How to Avoid DIY Moving Mistakes from the Movers at Advantage Moving & Storage

Posted on: February 8, 2019 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage February 8, 2019

At Advantage Moving & Storage, our experts have seen every situation and need from residential and commercial moves of all sizes and types. We’ve even helped clients who started their move as a do-it-yourself effort and wound up needing professional help. We hope everyone can achieve the move that’s right for them, whether it’s one piece of furniture or a cross-country move, so we’ve compiled some of the DIY mistakes we’ve seen and how you can avoid them.

Use boxes. When you’re doing a DIY move, it’s tempting to just use storage containers you have on hand, or whatever boxes might be in your attic or garage, and supplement with everything from suitcases to garbage bags. No matter how much you need to move, it is always easiest to properly pack everything in boxes.

Make a packing plan. Another common mistake the Advantage Moving & Storage teams see is DIY movers who pack based on what most easily comes to hand, instead of using a method of packing up individual rooms or spaces. A good way to pack is to focus on one area of your home at a time, and pack like items together. That way when you unpack, you’ll know the whole scope of what needs to be fit into a particular room, cabinet, or closet.

Beware of fragile objects. Especially in the kitchen and living room, there are plenty of fragile or delicate items in your home that you should take care when packing. In your kitchen, be mindful of glass, ceramic, or porcelain items; in your living room, your electronics (especially those with flat screens) require extra care. Use the best packing materials you have to take care of these fragile items, and layer extra packing materials along the bottom and sides of the boxes you use.

Get help. Often, when the Advantage Moving & Storage teams get called in to help a former DIY move, it’s because a piece of furniture got the best of our new client. Before you get that couch stuck in a stairwell, think through the logistics of moving the heaviest pieces of furniture in your home. Clear a pathway to the external door, and pack heavy furniture by wrapping it in cloth to protect both your walls and the furniture.

To learn more about how the Advantage Moving & Storage teams can help you with your next move, give us a call. We can give you a quote on anything from moving a single piece of furniture to filling your storage unit with well-organized boxes.