Chicago Moving Company Offers Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Posted on: December 6, 2018 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage December 7, 2018

Since spring and summer are the busy seasons for both moving companies and real estate, some families choose to use the winter months to find their new home and relocate. Sometimes, the easiest time to relocate is over one of the winter holidays, when time off might be easier to secure from work or kids might be out of school. If your family is choosing to relocate during a winter holiday, Advantage can work with you to plan each step of the transition. Check out these tips from our Chicago moving company team members.

Our planning representatives will tell you that it’s important to get your move scheduled as soon as possible if you know you’ll be using a holiday weekend to make your move. Particularly if there is a specific day on which you need to complete your move, getting your request to Advantage as early as possible helps us make sure we can honor your scheduling needs.

Our Chicago moving company teams know that the winter months can make moving a challenge—between ice, snow, wind, and rain, you’ll want to be prepared for anything! Our moving teams are prepared to ensure safety during the move, but you can also help by clearing a path to the driveway or wherever our truck will be if there is a lot of snow or ice. Putting down salt, gravel, or kitty litter can also help traction and ensure the safety of every member of your family and our moving team.

As your local Chicago moving company, we also know that driving conditions can change during winter weather, which may impact transit time. We’ll work with you to understand your schedule, and keep you updated on any changes in the timeline. If you’ve prepared your new home by clearing off a walkway and putting down salt, that can also help speed things along in the second half of your move.

You might feel like using a holiday weekend to move takes away from your ability to celebrate the holiday with family or friends. Bear in mind that you’re giving yourself the gift of a new home this holiday season, and don’t be afraid to recreate those special moments at a later date. A housewarming is a perfect excuse to bring together those you love and celebrate the winter holidays. From our Chicago moving company teams to your Chicagoland home, we wish you the best and brightest holiday season!

For more information on moving assistance this holiday season, call the friendly team at Advantage today.