Chicago Moving and Storage: Tips and Tricks

Posted on: December 9, 2016 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage April 2, 2018

Moving is often stressful. Especially in a large city it can be daunting to move and even find a good Chicago moving and storage company. Fortunately, a few simple tips and tricks will make your upcoming move easier and more productive.

The first and most important decision involves hiring the right Chicago moving and storage company. Because companies can claim almost anything they want, it is your responsibility to research several companies before deciding on one.

Refer to sites like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. In addition, look at customer feedback online and check out the company’s own website. In particular, find out how long the Chicago moving and storage company has been in existence, what type of services it provides, and whether it is licensed and insured.

You want to schedule your move at least four weeks in advance. However, if moving during the busy summer months, most companies recommend even more notice. Roughly two weeks out, contact the company to confirm that your move is on schedule.

Chicago Moving and Storage Considerations

Beyond hiring the best Chicago moving and storage company, consider the following tips and tricks:


  • Planning and Organization – Rather than wait until the last week before moving, give yourself as much time as possible to plan and get things organized. For instance, you need to submit a change of address form and cancel any magazine subscriptions, newspapers, lawn services, residential cleaning services, pest control, and so on. Also, schedule shut-off and possibly reconnection of utilities, cable, and phone for the day after the move. This is also the time to gather owner’s manuals, furniture hardware, electronic cords, and other items that you may prefer to move on your own.
  • Packing – If money is tight, pack your own goods. Be sure not to overpack, carefully wrap breakables with bubble wrap, use heavy-duty packing tape, and label each box according to the new room for convenience when unpacking.
  • Survival Bag – Place a packed overnight bag in your vehicle. Although your goods are scheduled for delivery at a specific day and time, sometimes delays happen. Include in your bag items for one or two days, such as a few outfits, important documents, medication, pet supplies, phone charger, toiletries, and so on. In addition, be sure you have the contact name and phone number of the moving company with you at all times.
  • Valuables – Although the Chicago moving and storage company that you hire has insurance coverage, if you are concerned about certain valuables, like jewelry, glass sculptures, and family heirlooms, transport those items in your vehicle.

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