Eco-friendly Tips for Your Next Move from the Moving Company Chicago Trusts

Posted on: March 22, 2019 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage March 22, 2019

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At Advantage, we’re focused on listening to our customers to ensure that we’re providing the best service possible. One question we’re hearing more and more from our customers is how to be eco-friendly during a move. We’ve compiled our best tips for managing a green move, from the moving company Chicago families use every day.

Collect boxes from businesses. One of the best ways to make your move more eco-friendly is to reuse and recycle the materials you use to pack. Most retail businesses are willing to let you take boxes after they receive new inventory if you ask a manager in advance. In particular, grocery stores and liquor stores tend to have high-quality cardboard that’s used to keep glass and delicate items safe during transit.

Make use of materials already in your home. As you pack each room in your home, you can find items that are useful for packing. For instance, when you’re packing up your kitchen, you can use dish towels, oven mitts, tablecloths, and other linens in your kitchen to pack your items in. Check your closet for more soft items to use inside your boxes—sweaters and scarves can also help you fill gaps in boxes and keep the contents safe. However, the moving company Chicago trusts with heirlooms and antiques recommends that you still use some proper packing supplies. Items that are fragile and delicate should be packed with bubble wrap or packing paper to be sure they’ll make the journey safely.

Let your mover make one trip. Rather than using your personal car to ferry smaller amounts of items between your old home and new home, let your moving company take it all in one trip. This not only saves you effort, but also saves gas and makes the transit more efficient. When you work with Advantage, the moving company Chicago trusts, we’ll help you make your move as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Advantage helps folks like you every day who are transitioning to new homes and new cities. We can also help you make sure that you’re making as efficient and effective a moving plan as possible, which not only makes your move more eco-friendly, but also makes it easier on you. If you’re getting ready for your next residential move, contact the moving company Chicago families choose every day to get your comprehensive quote.