Holiday Season Moving with the Right Movers

Posted on: November 22, 2016 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage April 2, 2018

Of all the seasons to choose to move, it had to be during the holiday season! Yes, it’s supposed to be a season of laughter and cheer, festivities and decorations. But not for this move! You have to prepare for this big one during the most wonderful time of the year? But wait, there’s hope! Get to know holiday season moving preparations without missing any of the merrymaking. You may be worried about all the much-anticipated activities that only come once a year and getting the right movers is your best option.

Tips from Our Movers

The less you bring to your new place, the better you will feel about sprucing it up with new stuff, new furniture and even new holiday decorations. So weed out the things you can donate, sell or simply give away to your neighbors. There will always be things in your closet that will be better off with new owners. After purging your home, you can save time packing less items and save money.

We all have holiday traditions that we can’t do without but if they interfere with your move, you need to make a few modifications. Keep some and forego with others. Skip the annual recital but not the company’s yearly holiday party. Tone down the house decors enough to still have a significant reminder of the season. Give your winding lights to your neighbor and settle for a front door wreath. If you hold an annual family party, it’s time to have at Uncle Bob’s home this year.

Research well and select your movers early so that when the holiday season starts, you will already have someone who will do the job for you. Compare various service provider’s prices and don’t be dazzled by their lofty promises which sound too good to be true. Choose one that will stick to your moving plans but listen to their advice on more effective and economical methods. Read reviews of these companies to get customers’ experiences. Also remember to check their licenses, credentials and certification.

With these two tips, you’re all set! All you need to do now is call Advantage Moving and Storage and let their movers make your move less of an arduous task and more of a balanced holiday. Allowing you more time for relaxation, cheerful spirits, festive merriment and a little bit of unpacking.