Home Staging Ideas to Prepare Your House for Sale from Movers in Milwaukee

Posted on: February 20, 2020 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage February 20, 2020

When you place your house on the real estate market, it’s essential to get it looking its best – inside and out. Showcase the highlights of your lovely residence and impress prospective buyers with the following home staging ideas to prepare your home for sale. And, of course, once you sell to the right buyer, call on Advantage Moving and Storage for dependable, reliable movers in Milwaukee.

Curb Appeal

As the first thing buyers will see when they drive up to your home, sprucing up the front exterior is of utmost importance. In the real estate business, they call this curb appeal – and it’s something that can really sell your home. Essentially, you’re looking to doll up the outside of your residence, including the lawn, walkways, flower boxes, railings, porch, and front entrance, for instance. As such, you may need to paint the exterior, re-stain any wood sections, and possibly add a few attractive extras like an inviting doormat or decorations. 

Backyard Display

Once potential buyers finish looking around inside, they’ll probably end up in the backyard – so don’t forget that part of your home! It too is on display, so put out your best garden furniture, add an inviting hammock or set-up the firepit to make it look charming.

Perfect Interior

Of course, some may argue that you need to exert most of your time preparing the interior. Truthfully, that’s what buyers will pay most attention to. So, upgrades and touch-ups like repainting walls, decluttering the space, and cleaning everything so it looks sparkling and perfect is really what matters. Steam clean the carpets, wax the hardwood floors, clean every single surface. In essence, you want it to appearance so good, so inviting, that people will picture themselves already living there.

Set the Stage

Once your home looks perfect, set the stage further with nice little additions of a fruit basket in the kitchen, fresh cut flowers in vases throughout the rooms, set the dining room table as though it were ready for a fancy dinner, with a lovely centerpiece in the middle. These are all great ways to further entice potential buyers, drawing them into the imagery of living in your house.

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