Tips for Making your New House Feel like Home: Advice from Local Moving Companies

Posted on: November 15, 2018 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage November 15, 2018

Settling into a new home can be challenging as you make your transition from your old space to the new one. Local moving companies know that lots of factors impact how home-like your new place can feel, so the experts at Advantage have compiled this list of ways to make your new space feel more like your own.

Start by identifying the rooms you spend the most time in. The experts at local moving companies will tell you that these are the rooms you’ll want to prioritize your organizing and decorating efforts. You might start with the living room, a home office, or your bedroom. Having this space be more reflective of you, your style, and your items is a great first step to making your new house feel like home.

Next, focus on functionality. It’s hard to feel like a space is yours when it doesn’t meet your needs. This might mean organizing the kitchen cabinets so that what you need most is more readily available. This might mean changing how your bathroom storage or linen closets are organized so that the items you use on a daily basis are centered. When your most-used items come more easily to hand, you’ll start to feel like the space is truly meeting your needs.

Then it’s time to focus on décor. Lots of people leave unpacking photos, art, mirrors, and other décor items until the end of the unpacking process, but these items are what helps make a house feel like your home. In the experience of local moving companies, once you get photos out, the space will really begin to reflect you and your life! Try starting with your priority rooms from step one, and hang your art, frame your photos, and toss throw pillows around. These items make the space feel comfortable, livable, and more like they’re yours.

As you work your way through your home, be sure to keep empty boxes and discarded packing materials cleaned up. These items are a visual reminder of your move, and can make a space feel less lived-in; and they also get in your way as you get used to using your new spaces. Consider recycling cardboard boxes and packing paper.

The most important way to make your new home feel like it’s truly yours is to spend social time there. Create an excuse for family time, like making a favorite meal together. Or, invite friends over to socialize or play a game. Spending time with those you love in your new space will truly make it feel like home.