Moving A Senior Parent: Tips From Relocation Companies

Posted on: July 18, 2019 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage July 18, 2019

Relocation companies like Advantage offer tips for moving an elderly parent

If you have an older parent, odds are you have had the talk or will soon have the talk of them moving to a more suitable living facility in their older age. For many seniors, moving takes a large mental toll as the unfamiliar setting and perceived loss of independence impinge upon their well-being. Many seniors may have lived at their current residence for years and have grown extremely attached to their house or apartment. Likewise, the older folks usually have more possessions that can be hard to let go of, especially if they have sentimental value.

Professional relocation companies such as Advantage understand the difficulties inherent in relocating a senior parent. With that in mind, here are some tips from professional relocation companies to make moving your elderly parent as unobtrusive as possible.

Give them control

Many seniors who are in the process of moving are distressed because they may feel as if they have less autonomy. That is why it is important to involve your parent in the move and give them the ultimate say over where they will live and how much independence they will have.

Communication is key

When deciding where to move your elderly loved ones, make sure to do thorough research and figure out exactly what level of care and which amenities they will need. It is important to discuss these issues openly with your parents and discuss how much care they will require; things such as

  • Whether they will require constant supervision or assistance
  • Which activities they may have difficulty with (eating, personal care, etc.)
  • Determine the type of medical care they might need
  • The level of independence they want

It is very important to discuss these issues honestly and openly. Many seniors may not feel comfortable admitting they need help with daily activities but it is necessary to address.

Give them time

Of course, any relocation will involve an acclimation period. Regardless of where you move your elderly parent, it will take some time to get used to their living arrangement. Make sure to take time to be there for support and to help them settle into the new place.

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