Top Five Things that Moving Companies Should Provide

Posted on: February 17, 2017 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage April 2, 2018

Although most moving companies provide similar services for both moving and storage, there are some major differences. Therefore, when researching various options, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. Because of that, some people end up randomly choosing a company, only to be disappointed. With the information provided, you will have no problem finding the right company based on your specific needs.

Five Must Haves

Keep in mind that when looking for the right mover, always identify three candidates. From each of these moving companies, there are five things in particular that you should expect.

  1. Professional Assessment – Trusted moving companies will send a representative to your home or business to conduct a thorough assessment of the items to be shipped. This individual will consider every room and every item. Only then will get you a fair quote for the services. If a moving company tries to give you a quote based on a phone conversation, see this as a red flag and move on.
  2. Written Estimate – After coming to your home or business, a moving company should offer you a written estimate. Using the information provided, you have the opportunity to compare services, price, insurance, and guarantee. This is exactly what you need to determine the best company. Beware of any low-ball prices. Remember the old saying, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”
  3. Insurance Protection – For your protection, as well as the moving company, you should be provided with information pertaining to full value insurance protection. This way, any damaged goods would be covered, whether for repair or replacement. Now, if you plan to have expensive artwork, antiques, and other valuables moved, talk to your own insurance provider about purchasing a separate policy for the move.
  4. Confirmed Date – Rather than work around a company’s availability, look at moving companies that can accommodate your schedule. After selecting a company, you will work with a representative to set a specific date and time for the move.
  5. Official Contract – Based on the written estimate and confirmed date/time, you will be presented with an official contract. However, before signing on the dotted line, look over every detail to make sure that you agree. If you need packing and unpacking services, or perhaps some of your items will be moved and others put in storage, this information should be clearly defined. Once satisfied, you will sign the contract and get ready to move.