Perfect Housewarming Gift Ideas from Advantage Moving & Storage

Posted on: April 6, 2018 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage April 6, 2018

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Excellent Ideas for Housewarming Gifts
If you have friends or family members moving into a new home, hosting a housewarming party is both thoughtful and helpful. Ask the family for a date when you can host the party after the moving & storage company delivers their goods and they get settled. Also, request a list of items they want or need to make their new house feel like a home. If they run out of ideas, the following are some excellent housewarming gift ideas.

  • Family Sign – The family could proudly display a sign of their last name or street number on the front of the house. You should choose a sign that coordinates with the style of the home. As an example, an engraved sign made of wood is ideal for a house in the country, whereas, an etched metal sign would look incredible for a traditional or contemporary home.  
  • Olive Oil – Not only would large bottles of flavored and aged olive oil look great on the stove, but also, when using the oil to cook, they will automatically think of your generous gift.
  • Tea Sampler – A sampler package of tea is another outstanding gift. With flavors like Earl Grey, Jasmine, Mango Peach, White Ambrosia, Chamomile Citron, Raspberry Nectar, Ginger, Lemongrass, and others, they can enjoy delicious hot or cold tea anytime.
  • Candles – Candles are a relatively common housewarming gift that people always appreciate receiving. Ask the people moving what their favorite scents are.
  • Coffee Mugs – Along with two unique coffee mugs, you can select two or three flavors of fresh coffee beans and an electric If the people moving prefer iced coffee, switch to a carafe that self-brews with two or three ground flavors of coffee.
  • Potted Plant – Beautiful potted plants also make an excellent housewarming gift. Another option is a set of four to six succulents the family can display on a windowsill or an outdoor patio.

Even when they are hiring the most professional moving & storage company, many people find it hard to move. To make family or friends feel more at home after they settle in, you can host a housewarming party complete with delicious catered food and well-thought-out gifts.