Moving to Chicago, IL: Everything you Need to Know from Advantage Moving and Storage

Posted on: March 26, 2020 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage March 26, 2020

Advantage Moving and Storage in Algonquin and Chicago, IL

If you’re relocating to northern Illinois and don’t know much about the area, then the local weather, sights, and culture may come as a surprise as you get used to life by Lake Michigan. Home to gorgeous waterfront attractions, jazz music, world-class architecture, and tons of museums, let our Advantage Moving team help you settle in faster with the following helpful advice.

Moving during warm, humid, and wet weather

The first thing you’ll need to get acquainted with is the erratic weather in the city. During busy season, which is typically over the summertime, Chicago is often at its hottest. But that’s not all you’ll need to consider with a summer move – you’ll also usually get a lot of humidity and rain too. Obviously, this can be a tad bit problematic when you’re relocating your entire household. Luckily, when you choose local movers like Advantage Moving and Storage, Inc., you’re assured a seamless move regardless of the weather, since our team is well-prepared for any type of weather – rain or shine!

Heavy traffic during the week

In Chicago, city living also comes with a fair share of traffic woes. If you’re planning on moving directing in the downtown core or surrounding the city center, then you’ll likely be in store for a transfer that requires extra time. Limited parking and local restrictions can cause even more headaches. On the outskirts, however, it’s a lot easier to maneuver around. Because of the high population density, and thus tougher traffic, we suggest taking a day or tow to practice your new commute to work, especially if you’ll need to drive while during rush hour.

Adjusting to Chicago culture

In Chicago, you get that Big Apple feel yet with a mix of people who are friendly and have that famous mid-western generosity. With that blue-collar, rust-belt appeal, you’re sure to fall in love with the home of the Chicago Cubs in no time! Sports fan? Well, then you’ll fit right in, as this great city is fiercely proud of their baseball and basketball background.

If you’re planning a move to Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois, we’re here for you at Advantage Moving and Storage, then fill out our free online quote form to find out more about our fully customizable transfer plans.