North American Movers Unpacking Tips

Posted on: April 12, 2018 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage April 26, 2018

Hiring a moving company to load your possessions onto a truck and transport them to your new home is just part of the moving process. After unloading the last box, you then have the task of unpacking everything. Keep in mind that if you do not have the time, energy, or interest in that job, you can always hire one of the best North American movers to assist, such as Advantage Moving and Storage.

Not only will a top rate moving company unpack your belongings, they will also pack them before the move. As you can imagine, that will save you a tremendous amount of time and effort. If you prefer to unpack items yourself, the tips provided will make the process go smoother.

  • Labeling and Numbering – Whether you pack your possessions or get professional assistance, make sure that you use an easy-to-follow labeling system. For instance, place red stickers on boxes full of kitchen items, green for the bathroom, blue for the master bedroom, and so on. Following the color coding, the movers will place the boxes in the appropriate rooms. For your convenience, give each color-coded box a number, and make a list of the contents inside. For the kitchen, you would have Red 1, Red 2, Red 3, and so on, whereas, for the bathroom, you would have Green 1, Green 2, Green 3, etc.  
  • Essentials – Write instructions on the boxes that contain essentials. A simple phrase like “Open First” will flag you that those boxes have items inside that you need immediately, like dishes and eating utensils, pots and pans, linens, bathroom toiletries, and so on. North American movers from Advantage recommend communicating to your moving team that these boxes need to be the most accessible when the truck is unloaded.  
  • Time – Give yourself enough time to complete the unpacking process. Instead of hours, dedicate several days to the process. That way, you will put the items where you want, rather than set them just anywhere only to come back and move them to a different spot. By not rushing, you will also avoid unnecessary stress.
  • Rooms – While some movers recommend initially unpacking only the essentials, quality North American movers, like those at Advantage Moving and Storage, suggest that you tackle one room at a time. That will ensure that you are better organized, and the house is less cluttered so that you accomplish more in a quicker amount of time. Start with the kitchen, followed by the bathroom, bedrooms, living room, and dining room.
  • Family Fun – If you plan to move as a family, make the unpacking process fun. Order pizza and beverages, put on some music, and then let everyone help with unpacking items.