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Fun things to do when moving to Arlington Heights, IL from the best movers in Chicago

Whether you are moving to Arlington Heights, IL from across town or the country, you need the best movers in Chicago you can find to help you with your move. As a suburb of Chicago and is approximately 25 miles from the center of the downtown heart of the city. While there are many other companies to choose from, you need the Advantage “advantage,” teams of professionals who know the city like the back of their hand. To help you get settled in, our team have come up with three great things to do in the area.

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You don’t have to an artist to enjoy SIP Parties. The parties are held in cooperation with some of the most popular restaurants and bars in the City. The idea is that you follow along with the art tutorial while you enjoy drinks and making new friends. Visit their website for their schedule of events. There is something on the schedule for just about any member of the family at the Metropolis Performing Arts Centre. This 350-seat theater plays host to a variety of shows, artists, and more throughout the year. Take your kids out to Lake Arlington where they can fish, go for hikes, even fly a kite when the breezes are just right. The scenery here is spectacular and makes a great place for a family picnic.

As one of the best movers in Chicago, we understand the many challenges that come with moving to a new area. In most cases, there is a new job to settle into (even if you are staying with the same company), a new house to get used to, new schools, doctors, libraries, and shopping to locate. The list goes on, but at Advantage, we have the experience it takes to ensure every phase of your move goes smoothly.

To learn more about why we are rated as one of the best moving companies in Chicago or learn more about the many things to do in and around Arlington Heights, contact us today at Advantage Moving and Storage at 847-558-7108 and let’s get started.