Packing Electronics for a Move: Tips From Long Distance Movers in Chicago

Posted on: November 20, 2019 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage November 20, 2019

Long-distance movers in Chicago Advantage offer some tips on how to pack fragile electronics for a move.

If you are gearing up for a big move odds are you have the urge to just pack as many things into boxes as possible. We applaud your motivation, but not everything should just be packed in a box, or packed haphazardly. Electronics, for example, are one kind of thing that needs to be packed properly. Long distance movers in Chicago Advantage are here to offer some advice on how to pack electronics.

Cushion Everything

Make sure you place towels or newspapers in the bottom and top of the box to cushion the electronics. Large items should be wrapped in bubble wrap and the boxes should be packed so there is no void space and things cannot move around.

Remove batteries/cables

It is, in general, a bad idea to pack batteries. Modern lithium-ion batteries can break or even explode when stored in hot, high-pressure locations. Remove all cables as well because those can get tangled and frayed.

Don’t pack

Larger electronics like your TV, kitchen appliances, or stereo system will be fine packed up securely in a box, but smaller things like game consoles, tablets, and laptops should not be packed up in moving boxes. Long distance movers in Chicago recommend trying to keep the smaller and more fragile electronics out of the back of the truck.

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