Packing Items for Storage

Posted on: February 3, 2017 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage February 15, 2018

Packing for storage is often frustrating, and, without a plan, the process takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. However, by following a few simple guidelines, you will find the process of preparing your items for storage much easier. Packing the right way will dramatically reduce any risk of damage or destruction, especially when it comes to fragile belongings.

When packing for storage, you need to be extremely organized. After all, you never know when or how often you will need to gain access to something inside the unit. Below are several tips to make packing more efficient.

  • Prior to packing your items for storage, make a list of everything, including replacement value for insurance purposes
  • Prepare labels to affix to the top and side of each box. For boxes with fragile items, place a “fragile” sticker on the box or write the word “fragile” in large, permanent marker.
  • Use quality boxes that will not cave when stacked.
  •  Limit yourself to using just two sizes of boxes; this will help with stacking and organization.
  •  Even if the bottom of boxes has existing packing tape, add more to ensure stability.
  • While you want to utilize all of the space inside of the boxes, make sure they are not too heavy to carry.
  • Place the heaviest items in the bottom of boxes, keeping lighter belongings on top
  • Avoid putting items inside plastic bags since mold and mildew caused by heat and humidity can develop. Better yet, when packing for storage, avoid plastic altogether.
  • Place books flat to prevent damage to the spines.
  • For refrigerators and freezers, make sure they are clean and completely dry. When placing them in storage, keep the doors slightly ajar.
  • Wrap breakable items, including picture frames, mirrors, glass trinkets, and so on, in bubble wrap
  • When sealing boxes with packing tape, be sure to cover all open cracks. This will help keep dust and dirt out.
  • While certain clothes like jeans, shorts, and tee shirts can be folded, you should hang other clothes inside a wardrobe box.
  • To prevent rust, make sure that metal equipment and tools are completely drained of fuel and then rub them with a small amount of oil.

As mentioned, organization is a huge part of packing for storage. Therefore, it will help to come up with a plan for how the boxes are placed and stacked. You also want to leave space for moving around inside the storage unit. The goal is to make boxes more accessible while preventing possible injury.

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