Packing Tips from Top Moving and Storage Companies

Posted on: April 28, 2017 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage April 2, 2018

When it comes to moving and putting items in storage, many people get frustrated, not knowing the proper way to get their items packed and stacked. Top moving and storage companies have provided helpful insight to make both processes easier while at the same time, preventing belongings from being damaged.

Helpful Packing Tips

  • Dishes – Moving and storage companies agree that dishes some one of the more challenging items to pack. For plates, never place them horizontally in a box instead packing them vertically. Start by placing a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of a box that has been properly sealed with heavy-duty packing tape. Then, wrap plates carefully, using packing paper or spare linens or towels. With a layer of plates packed, add a top layer of bubble wrap, followed by wrapping bowls and glasses, which you will place on top of the bubble wrap layer protecting the plates. When the box is close to being full, add another layer of bubble wrap on the very top, filling any cavities with packing paper or additional bubble wrap prior to sealing the box closed.
  • Clothing – As explained by moving and storage companies, you can always have hanging clothes packed and moved in special wardrobe boxes, but you can use standard boxes too. Simply fold the clothes neatly, stacking them inside the box. However, take advantage of empty suitcases and laundry baskets as well.
  • Heavy Items – One additional tip about packing is to wrap heavier items with packing paper or bubble wrap and then placing them on the bottom of the box while keeping lighter items on top. If you want to separate the two, place a flat piece of cardboard in between, followed by a layer of bubble wrap.


Tips for Storing Items

  • Boxes – Always use quality boxes. When placing items in storage, use the heavier boxes as the foundation, supporting medium to light boxes on top.
  • Make a Wall – Build a wall of boxes inside of the unit rather than tacking them in columns. In other words, stack the boxes so they are slightly staggered similar to a brick wall. This will make the stacking process easier and create stability.
  • Room to Walk – Moving and storage companies strongly suggest leaving a path in between the stacked boxes, giving you access whenever needed. Most people think that once their items are in storage, they will never need to get into a box, only to discover at some point that they need something from inside.

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