What You Should Know Before Receiving a Moving Quote

Posted on: January 5, 2017 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage January 5, 2017

Although moves, for the most part, are relatively straightforward, there are a few things that you should be aware of prior to receiving a moving quote. Not only will this reduce frustration on your end, the information helps the moving company prepare an accurate quote for both schedule and price.

Important Things to Know

  • Items Being Shipped – Rather than tell the moving company that you have several boxes and two rooms of furniture, you need to be specific. In other words, let them know that you have 40 boxes, two bedroom sets, including bed, dresser, and nightstand, one sofa and a loveseat, dining room table and four chairs, and so on. This level of detail allows the movers to provide you with a more accurate moving quote.
  • Weight and Dimension of Items – For furniture, appliances, and other larger items, provide the moving company with exact dimensions, as well as weight if you can. Knowing the height, width, and length is helpful for the moving company as far as loading but also getting the items through doorways at the new location.
  • Boxes Being Shipped – Although you do not have to provide the moving company with a specific list of items in each box in order to get an accurate moving quote, you should have some idea as to the weight of each box and estimated value. Typically, home scales work just fine to determine weight.
  • Value of Furniture and Appliances – Providing the estimated weight of your furniture and appliances is also beneficial. First, this helps the moving company determine the number of movers required. Second, it lets you know if the insurance provided by the moving company is sufficient or if you need to purchase a separate policy from your insurance provider.
  • Shipping Zip Code – Especially when moving to a different city or state, the zip code at your current place along with the zip code for the new place is essential. Using this information, the moving company will determine the approximate number of miles, which are then used to calculate the cost of the move.

Although you may be asked for additional information, all of the above are beneficial for the movers and you in getting an accurate moving quote. To make comparisons, be sure to get quotes from three to four different movers. In addition, always read the contract details carefully before signing so that you are not charged hidden fees.