What Are the Primary Responsibilities of Relocation Companies?

Posted on: June 22, 2017 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage May 29, 2018

Like many people, you might be asking whether there is a difference between standard moving and relocation companies and if so, what primary responsibilities the latter has. There are differences, and because of that, the responsibilities are unique. Although both types of companies provide moving services for individuals and businesses, the kinds of services vary.

In simple terms, relocation companies typically focus on helping businesses of all sizes get their operations and their employees moved from one location to another. For example, if a corporation plans to uproot from its current address to move to another city or state, they would rely on the experience and expertise of a moving company that specializes in relocations.

That means that each employee who plans to move needs assistance with a variety of services, including packing and unpacking, vehicle transportation, and transport of household items. Companies that offer relocation services have teams of experts assigned to each business. Then, working one-on-one, they assist the employees with all of their needs. The goal is to make a relocation as seamless as possible so that there is little operational downtime.

As you can imagine, relocation companies have a tremendous responsibility, and because of that, they must be proficient in organization and planning. That is not to say that a standard moving company would not benefit a smaller move, but because of the complexities and logistics involved in a relocation, most do not possess the appropriate knowledge to ensure a flawless experience.

The logistics involved with a business relocation are significant. In addition to helping employees get moved, companies that assist with relocations help with packing the entire business, including computer equipment, copiers, fax machines, office furniture, artwork, and more. The experts at the relocation company must know the proper way to handle expensive items, package them, haul them, and then set them up at the new location.

Relocators also have to ensure the delivery of goods as scheduled. Since there is no real way to manage a business without having everything in place, this part of the move is critical. Companies that handle relocations must be prepared for anything unexpected and have a backup plan in place should a truck break down, a driver become sick, and so on.

Ultimately, relocation companies have to coordinate moving both people and things so that everyone and everything arrive within a specified window of time. As a result, items for the business are unpacked, set up, and ready for employees to use the minute they arrive at the new business destination.

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