Tips for Choosing the Right Company for Your Commercial Move

Posted on: November 16, 2017 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage November 22, 2017

Relocating a business entails making multiple decisions. With the right choices, you will not only save money but also experience a smoother transition, especially during the holidays. Selecting the best company for your commercial move is one critical decision. That alone will have a significant impact on how everything goes during the planning phase and on moving day. With the tips provided, you will have no problem identifying a superior source to help get your business settled in its new location.

Asking the Right Questions

To select superior commercial moving services, you need to ask the right questions.

  • Can the company work around the busy Thanksgiving holiday?
  • What type of insurance coverage does the company offer?
  • Can the company provide recent customer references?
  • How many people will your moving crew consist of, and what kind of experience or training do they have?
  • Can the moving company explain the cost of your move in detail?

Helpful Tips

  • Evaluate Options – It is essential to get quotes from at least three reputable sources for your commercial move so that you can compare what each one offers. Also, look at their history, reputation, list of services, guarantees, insurance, licensing, and so on. Contacting three or four recent customers will also help with the decision-making process. The more information you get, the better.
  • Planning – Make sure that you choose a company with commercial moving services that match your needs and that will do an excellent job even during the holiday season. For instance, if you have an IT department to relocate, you want assurance that the company you hire has a team of specialists. Ultimately, you need a crew that can disconnect and reconnect vital equipment quickly and safely, thereby preventing damage and unnecessary downtime.
  • Competitive Pricing – You need to get estimates from each company, considering that prices are often higher around Thanksgiving. For that, request to have an estimator from each moving company come to your business to assess the volume and type of goods involved. That way, you will receive several estimates to compare.
  • Outside Information – Checking the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, certifications, and whether they have agent branding on their site will provide you with tremendous insight into the legitimacy and seriousness of the moving companies on your short list.

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