SMARTBOX Portable Storage versus Pods

Posted on: December 15, 2016 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage December 12, 2017

For years, people depended on Pods for on-site storage. However, once SMARTBOX portable storage containers became an option, many customers switched. To understand the advantages that SMARTBOX offers, it helps first to look at some of Pods’ standard features.

Pods are a type of flexible storage container delivered to a home or office. The container is then left, allowing people to pack up belongings in preparation for moving or as temporary storage during remodeling projects. SMARTBOX containers offer these same features plus more, making them the more advantageous option.

For one thing, SMARTBOX containers are more cost-efficient. Especially for big or long-distance moves or when needing long-term storage, money can become an issue. With SMARTBOX, consumers benefit from a high-quality storage container without spending a fortune. Even when money is not tight, there is no reason to overspend.

As a self-storage solution, the SMARTBOX portable storage container is the perfect size. Measuring 8 by 7 by 5 feet, the container easily holds 1 to 1½ rooms, with a maximum weight capacity of 3,000 pounds.

There are yet more advantages to consider of SMARTBOX portable storage containers over Pods. For example, while both SMARTBOX and Pods have ground-level loading, only SMARTBOX is designed with doors that swing wide open. For loading and unloading purposes, this reduces time and effort. In addition, SMARTBOX and its partner, Advantage, can deliver up to eight units in one trip, if required.

SMARTBOX containers are also designed for breathability. With SMARTBOX, containers are constructed from a non-steel material, whereas Pods are made from aluminum steel. Even better, containers from SMARTBOX have rust-free, waterproof, and weatherproof exterior protection. Because of the material used for SMARTBOX portable storage containers, the interior breathes.

Unless air reaches the inside of these containers, it becomes incredibly hot. Another issue is that during periods of rain or high humidity, the interior can become affected by mold and mildew. When those scenarios occur, items inside are at risk of being damaged.

There is also an availability factor to consider. Due to high demand, many companies that offer portable storage containers are flooded with customer requests. For scheduling purposes, this makes it difficult to meet customers’ needs. At SMARTBOX, everyone goes out of his or her way to ensure customers get exactly what they need and according to their schedule. Overall, SMARTBOX portable storage is a better choice for residential and business customers alike.

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