Packing Tips for an Office Relocation

Posted on: April 7, 2017 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage December 12, 2017

Any office relocation, whether for a small or large company, comes with challenges. Beyond finding a professional moving company, packing is a huge part of the process. Typically, professional moving companies that deal with relocating businesses either include packing in the price or offer it as an add-on service; however, if you hire a company that does not do packing or you opt to pack up the office yourself, then knowing how to pack is critical.

With the below packing tips, you can streamline your office relocation experience:

  • Boxing Items – After securing quality boxes, instruct each office worker to pack their own desks, including storage cabinets and bookcases. Ask each employee to place smaller items, such as paperclips, pens, clips, etc, in zipped plastic bags. Any electronics, including laptop computers, should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in separate smaller boxes filled with more bubble wrap or packing paper. Personal items should get packed separately, with workers moving them to the new office location in their own vehicles.
  • Labeling System – When packing for an office location, a good labeling system is essential. As the coordinator, assign each office, as well as shared areas, a unique number and color. Then, assign a specific number to each worker, using a black permanent black marker to clearly mark each box. For larger items, such as filing cabinets, chairs, lamps, etc., assign items for each worker with a unique color, again coordinating it to its new location.
  • Shelving, Peripherals, and Office Equipment – For bookcases, cabinets, or desk drawers with adjustable shelves, remove the pegs and have the workers place them in a zippered plastic bag to store with other boxed items. Remove the shelves, wrap them using packing tape, and assign the appropriate color. For desktop computers, unplug all of the peripherals, again placing them in sealed plastic bags. As for office equipment, including copy machines, fax machines, and so on, unplug them, wrap the cords using rubber bands, and then tape them to the back of the machine with strong tape. Again, give all of the office equipment a unique color.
  • Storage – The professional moving company that you hire for your office relocation will probably move standard and lateral filing cabinets with the contents inside. However, you will need to remove and box items in storage cabinets and bookcases.
  • Wall Items – Large items on the walls should be left in place but assigned the appropriate colored sticker. The moving company will take pictures down, wrap them, and move them to the new address.

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