Tips to Make Decluttering and Donating Easier from the Moving Company Palatine IL trusts

Posted on: April 11, 2019 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage April 11, 2019

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If your family is preparing for a move, it’s a great opportunity for you to pare down on the number of items in your home to make your move easier overall. Decluttering sounds like a simple idea, but the tasks of collecting, sorting, bagging, labeling, and finding appropriate donation or sale spots can feel overwhelming when you’re getting ready to move! Advantage has helped thousands of families just like yours, and we’ve gathered these tips from the moving company Palatine IL families trust with their homes.

Make your own headquarters. As you’re getting ready to move, it might feel like your whole home is in disarray! If you can designate a single room or space as your “decluttering zone,” it can help contain some of that confusion. It also helps family members contribute—as everyone packs or organizes, they can watch for items that are no longer used, deposit them in your decluttering zone, and keep working.

Think through item types. Your instinct might be to just have a garage sale and put everything out in the sale. But some items will need to be discarded, others won’t have value at a sale, and others may even be heirloom or family items that need to be rehomed with particular folks in your life.

Tackle one type at a time. Sort one type of item at a time: pull every heirloom item first, and tell your extended family what needs to go home with someone else. Then, try pulling anything very used, stained, broken, or in poor repair, and make your discard pile. Going through one type of item at a time will make the whole task more manageable.

As the moving company Palatine IL families use for moves of all sizes and distances, we know we can help your family no matter how much winds up being part of your move. And while moving is a great opportunity to downsize, don’t get stuck in tough decisions about a single item here and there. The point is to make decisions about larger quantities of items, getting rid of things you know you won’t miss, to lighten your load overall.

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