Moving Antiques and Fine Art: Tips From Best Movers in Chicago

Posted on: October 8, 2019 | by: Advantage Moving & Stroage October 8, 2019

Move your expensive antiques and fine art safely with these tips from the best movers in Chicago Advantage

One problem with moving is the potential lost or broken items. Unfortunately, sometimes things get dropped and scratched, during a move. Some items, such as antiques and fine art, are more fragile and require extra care when moving and storing. Our best movers in Chicago at Advantage Moving and Storage are here to offer some tips on how to pack, store and move your priceless antiques and fine art.

Wrap everything

Even the smallest dents and dings can exponentially decrease the value of your antiques and art. Make sure you thoroughly wrap everything is a soft protective coating such as bubble wrap or moving blankets. Art should be wrapped in Glassine or some kind of plastic wrap to prevent smudging. TV boxes and bicycle boxes make food sturdy boxes to pack art in.

Avoid moisture

If you need to store any antiques or art, make sure you do so in a climate-controlled storage unit to prevent damage from heat or moisture. Many antique pieces of furniture are made of wood and will absorb moisture if stored improperly.

Hire professionals

Sometimes the best thing is to just let the professionals take care of it. The best movers in Chicago have years of experience moving fine art and antiques. A team of professionals will make sure your priceless memorabilia stays safe.

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